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Who is here?

The Village of Belledune has evolved as the major primary resource processing centre of northern New Brunswick.

Some employers in the community are:

Company Name # of Employees Business Sector
Xtrata 450 Metal Smelting
NB Power 117 Electricity
Shaw Resources 15 Wood Pellets
Chaleur Sawmills 280 Wood Products
Separation T.I. 6 Fly Ash
Eastern Canada Stevedoring 15 Stevedoring
Envirem Tech. 3 Soils

The Port of Belledune

The port consists of three main terminals situated in water deep enough to dock most large ocean vessels, up to 80,000 DWT. The port handles mainly bulk and break bulk commodities, as well as providing roll on and roll off service. On site storage is available for in and out bound products. The Port of Belledune accommodates the needs of their customers. New business and industry are welcomed at the port. Superior services, professional personnel, excellent infrastructure, and location combine to make the Port of Belledune the main anchor of economic development for the community and the region. For more information, visit

Municipal Services

Police services for Belledune are provided by the RCMP. Fire protection is delivered by the community. Two fire stations with 50 volunteer firefighters have all the essential equipment to fight fires in the area. Mutual assistance agreements ensure that regional fire departments will respond to major industrial fires or disasters. Environmental health, general government and development services are also offered by the municipality. Belledune is fortunate in that it can offer excellent services at low tax rates because of its huge tax base. Belledune also participates in many regional commissions and bodies. Provincial and federal services are offered at a regional level, mainly located in Bathurst or Campbellton.


NB Power operates a 450 megawatt coal fired plant in Belledune. Interconnections to the provincial power distribution system ensure a steady supply of electricity to the industries in Belledune. NB Power rates are competitive and are amongst the lowest in Atlantic Canada and eastern United States.


  • Our year round, deepwater port provides access to domestic and international markets, with excellent direct connections to rail and highway.
  • Belledune has one of the lowest tax rates in New Brunswick.
  • Land, and plenty of it, is available in industrial parks and on green sites.
  • The stable labor force in this region is both skilled and motivated. Specialized training, tailored to specific industries can be provided.
  • A wide range of municipal and regional services is available to businesses and their employees.
  • Affordable housing ranging from modest to executive styles helps to attract and retain employees.
  • The quality of life in this spacious community is Belledune’s best kept secret.

Lowest Tax Rate

According to a recent interim report from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, Belledune has the lowest property tax burden in the province of New Brunswick at $490 per person. Industries located here also have a low municipal tax rate. This translates to one of the lowest industrial municipal tax burden in the province.


Belledune is located on the border of Restigouche and Gloucester counties in central northern New Brunswick. More specifically, Restigouche East region, which includes the City of Campbellton and the Town of Dalhousie, is west of Belledune and the Chaleur region, which includes the City of Bathurst, is east of Belledune. Regional support services and labor force are drawn from both of these jurisdictions.

Total Population

Belledune’s population is 1,700 people, but the total population, within a one half hour drive, in the two immediate regions is 71,469 people.

Available Labour Force

The total participating labor force in the immediate regions is 35,020. Local employers are impressed by the stability of the work force. Most workers have deep roots in the region. They are least likely to move away and they are most likely to stay with their employer.

Labour Force Characteristics

  • The youthfulness of the regional labour force, the largest group is 15-34 year olds.
  • Employees have reasonable startup wage levels and expectations are lower than major urban centers.
  • A high proportion of the work force have post secondary trade, technical or professional training.
  • Many people are bilingual- English and French.


A variety of quality accommodations is available in Belledune and in the region. Big city prices have never hit this region. Older houses, in reasonable condition, can be purchased for modest sums. New homes can cost between $100,000 and $250,000. Rent is reasonably priced with many options.

Quality of Life

One of Belledune’s most appealing attributes is the quality of life offered in this rural community. Walking along the 23 kilometers of shoreline, overlooking the internationally recognized Bay of Chaleur, instills a sense of awe with visitors and residents alike. The Bay has been designated as one of the world’s 50 most beautiful bays. The words peaceful, safe, and stable best describe living in Belledune.

Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada